Cost Savings
No Vendor Changes
No Fees

Streamlined Rx Savings

Create substantial cost savings for your clients by simply adding an additional Mail Order pharmacy to their Plan – one that fills prescriptions from Canada.  Health Plan Sponsors can save up to 60% on their Rx spend for available medications.  Their members receive convenient mail order delivery and a $0 copay.

Same medications by the same manufacturers.  Much lower prices.

Substantial Cost Savings

Prescription drugs are the fastest growing cost driver for Health Plans.  Canada Script is a proven solution to bend that curve. 

No Vendor Changes

Canada Script is easily integrated with your current PBM partners.  Our in-house IT staff is equipped to quickly manage data requirements.

No Fees

Canada Script charges no admin or set up fees.  No more paying monthly for a service just in case a high-cost Rx claim hits.  Just pay for the prescriptions filled through Canada Script. 

Simple and Straightforward

Members enroll online and a Coordinator helps them set up their first fill and auto-refills.  Our in-house Technician Staff is always available to answer questions. 

It is possible, let us show you

Canada Script has years of experience reducing prescription drug costs for health plans.  Our simple implementation process requires no contract, no vendor changes, no upfront fees, and can be completed in a little as 24 hours.  Contact us today to get started reducing prescription costs in a meaningful way.